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GENERAL     I, PATTI DENNISON, certify that all of my Pomeranian parents and puppies are in excellent health. They are up to date on all vet care including, regular examinations, vaccines, and de-worming.

 In signing this contract, the Buyer (named below) hereby agrees to every condition herein, and that any breach in this contract renders it null and void. 


 HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT & PROPER CARE     This puppy/dog is to be an inside dog, and will not be left outside when no one is home, or kept in a kennel, barn, shed, doghouse or anything other than a home. The Buyer agrees to provide a happy, healthy environment for the puppy, and to monitor them closely.   If there are changes to their diet, it should be done gradually over a 2 week period.


Pomeranians and other small breeds can be prone to hypoglycemia, and it almost always passes with time. Due to this, they should be fed at least 3 - 4 times per day or  they should have food available to them at all times. They should also have fresh water available to them at all times.  If any change in behavior is noticed, contact the Seller immediately, and contact a licensed veterinarian.

I recommend that you do not introduce the puppy to strange dogs until they have had all their vaccinations.  Do not take to dog parks until all their vaccinations are complete as well, as they can contract disease from dog urine or feces.  

Regular grooming and oral hygiene are essential. Complete grooming and hygiene instructions are available in Pomeranian books or online.  I recommend that the Buyer acquire a book on Pomeranians.  An excellent website/ online book is http://www.petpom.com/


  VERIFICATION OF THE HEALTH OF THE PUPPY     The Seller will take the puppy to the vet to have a thorough examination, and to have their first vaccine administered prior to releasing the puppy to the Buyer. The seller will provide the health certificate/vaccine record from this exam.

The Seller requires that the Buyer take the puppy to a licensed veterinarian (of their choice) to verify the health of the puppy, within 72 hours of pick up.   Failure to have the puppy checked by a vet in this time period, will render this health guarantee null and void.  If a health issue is found at the initial health exam, the seller is to be contacted immediately and a copy of vet exam must be sent to breeder. 

The seller also requires the Buyer to have the 2nd vaccine administered no longer than 4 weeks from the date of their 1st vaccine. The puppy will also require a 3rd vaccine 4 weeks later. They require vaccines at approximately 8, 12, & 16 weeks of age.  A de-worming program outlined by your vet is also required for the health of your puppy.

The Buyer is responsible for any veterinarian or other expenses incurred from the time of purchase.  NO veterinarian bills will be paid by the breeder.

If you have any concerns whatsoever regarding the health of your puppy/dog, at any time, you should take him or her to a licensed veterinarian immediately, and notify the Seller immediately.


OBEDIENCE     I recommend that you take your new puppy to Puppy Kindergarten or Basic Obedience course, to learn how to train the newest member of your family.   An excellent training website is http://www.petpom.com/.  The Loved Dog, by Tamar Geller, is also an excellent book on dog behavior and training.


RE-SALE PROHIBITED   The Buyer agrees that this dog will not be re-sold or given away at any point in the future without contacting the Seller. If for any reason, the Buyer is no longer able or willing to care for this puppy/dog, they agree to give the Seller the first right of adoption to keep the dog, or re-place them in a suitable home.

Reimbursement may or may not, be provided.


 SPAYING/NEUTERING REQUIRED     This dog is sold as a pet on a non breeding contract.   The Buyer hereby acknowledges that this puppy will be spayed or neutered prior to seven months of age, and that failure to provide written proof of this will constitute a Breach of Contract


GENETIC DEFECT  Each puppy comes with a Two Year Guarantee against life-threatening genetic defect or disease. If such a condition is found and documented by a licensed veterinarian, the Seller has the right to verify this with their veterinarian of choice. If such a condition is verified, the Seller agrees to replace the puppy for another puppy of equal value, as soon as one becomes available. Refunds are NOT given; a replacement is the only option.

In the event of death, the Buyer’s licensed veterinarian must submit the dog for an autopsy immediately at the Buyer's expense, and provide results stating the specific cause of death, to be verified by the Seller’s veterinarian of choice. If the cause of death is a genetic condition, the Seller will replace the puppy with one of equal value as soon as one is available. The Seller maintains the right to keep reserved puppies.

This guarantee does not cover death of the puppy/dog due in any way to accident, neglect, or abuse on the part of the Buyer, or communicable diseases which the puppy/dog has contracted while in the Buyer's care. 

This guarantee does not cover hypoglycemia, trachea collapse, retained testicles, hernias, luxating patellas, overbite, underbite, open fontanelle or parasites of any kind. But it does cover any life threatening genetic defect or disease.

  SELLER'S COMMITMENT     The Buyer may contact the Seller at any time, with any perceived emergency, and may contact the Seller with questions or concerns at any time in the future. The Seller will attempt to help in any way possible with any situation that arises, and/or refer the Buyer to appropriate professional or medical resources for additional assistance. 


The Buyer agrees to provide a picture and update of the puppy at four different times within the first two years. .  Any past or future photos of this puppy/dog may be used in any advertising or marketing by the Seller without compensation to the Buyer, including publication on the website.

I have received and read over the information given:

Hypoglycemia info _______                              Purchase Price ____________         

Housetraining info _______                               Deposit            ____________

How to Care for Puppy  _______                       Total                ____________

Puppy Care info  _______                                 

Shot Records          _______                                   

Contract                   _______ 

Puppy is eating ______________________

 Breeder ____________________________


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JJulie Sprague

to me

Dear Patti,

I wanted to let you know how much we love our Pom Murphy!! His temperment is amazing and he is such a lovely family dog. He adores our four children and all of their friends who come over to play too! His coat is absolutely gorgeous. I get many compliments whereever I go with him about how handsome he is!

Thanks again for supporting us to choose the best puppy for our family. We just love him!!

The Sprague Family